Trying Acupuncture

Well, I've had 5 acupuncture treatments now over 5 weeks. I don't feel the needles go in. They are in my arms. legs and feet. I enjoy the peaceful lying still even though I cannot move much. I feel better in myself after the 4th treatment - a wellbeing, positive feeling like I know I can get better.


My blocked head feeling halved after the first treatment.

I have not had the severe pain in my shoulders or hips for 5 weeks and was getting it usually once a week.

my aches and pains in legs and arms feel distant - still there but distant

I am not taking any meds (not even ibrofen or paracetamal)

I am not as tired

I no longer feel cold all the time

I have started sweating - have not perspired for 20 years - this is a good thing
my sore throat - usually constant - is sometimes gone


  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    These sound quite amazing in 5 weeks - have you continued? What is happening now?

  2. Anonymous3:10 AM

    I too have had some relief through accupuncture, but as my problem gets exasberated by changes in barometric pressure, and the accupuncture only tends to help for a few days, as soon as a weather change comes about again, its the same old same old and I cannot afford time off work too often or I may well not have a job.
    I am now on 4 DHC tabs per day, and these help dull the aches and pains.....but dont help the foggy brain or tiredness.
    Never the less, I get to accupuncture as often as I can.


Thanks for your input