What exercise works for fibromyalgia?

Water Exercise and Fibromyalgia Pain from webMD

Exercise is often the last thing we feel like doing and many people find that walking aggravates the pain for days after. Walking in warm water or water aerobics may be the solution if it is accessible to you.

Check out the link above which includes information about studies from Spain done on water aerobics. These studies were done at the University of Extremadura, Spain and the University of Evora, Portugal, and published in the journal Arthritis Research & Therapy. The study showed participants experienced improvement in their fibromyalgia symptoms including (1) mobility, (2) self-care, (3) daily activities, (4) pain and discomfort, and (5) anxiety or depression. Research Article in the journal Arthritis Research & Therapy.

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  1. That is great but some people find the hot water actually brings on fatigue


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