Deep sleep eases pain and fatigue

Improving sleep

Researchers, supported by NIAMS*, are investigating ways to improve sleep for people with fibromyalgia whose sleep problems persist despite treatment with medications.

One team has observed that fibromyalgia patients with persistent sleep problems share characteristics with people who have insomnia, such as having erratic sleep and wake schedules and spending too much time in bed. This team is testing whether strategies developed to help insomnia patients will also help people with fibromyalgia achieve deep sleep, which eases pain and fatigue.
Preliminary results show that sleep education, which teaches good sleep habits, and cognitive behavioral therapy, which includes sleep education and a regimen to correct poor habits and improper sleep schedules, both reduce insomnia.

* National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases

Why is it that we need sleep but cannot sleep at night and often feel a bit better late night?
Is anyone studying that?


  1. We need to sleep because our souls can not survive prolonged periods away from home.
    Signed, hobo

  2. Oh, and we can't sleep at certain times because the soul is "doing time".
    Signed, hobo

  3. Hi Spiritual Hobo about these interesting insights into sleep. Not sure what you mean by "doing time" though??


Thanks for your input