So many great fibro blogs

There are so many voices to be heard:

Infertility Mom is writing a book;

Fibro Daze is living in her own soap opera of change;
there are so many helpful ideas for living with fibromyalgia at The Practical Fibromite;
Fightin' the Fibro is talking about fibro fog and her view on "The Secret";
Counting My Spoons is getting organized;
Living with Fibromyalgia is discussing pain;
Michelle Arbore is questioning drug treatments and research studies
and so many more varied voices from around the world can be heard at Fibro Bloggers Directory.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Yes, you may use the photo from my blog. I will be posting soon about my mom's recent 3-month inpatient fibro treatment and her exciting improvements after 25 years. :)


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