What’s Your Trigger?

How can we begin to heal if we do not understand why we are ill?
Healing from chronic illness is so much more complicated than just treating the symptoms. Prescription meds may help us cope, but they do not correct the original imbalances that led to dis-ease. And with difficult-to-understand illnesses like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, it is not always possible to pinpoint just one specific cause. Often it is a series of causes like a traumatic event experienced while in the midsts of some other type of recurring life stressors. There are many different types of traumas that can lead to chronic illness – physical, emotional, viral, environmental. With so many possible factors, it is easy to see why treatment is so difficult. READ MORE... and find out how one fibro sufferer knows what her trigger was.


  1. G'day!
    At last a fellow Aussie! I was beginning to think that Aussies don't blog!

    Headbutting the porcelain is a distinctive and memorable trigger unfortunately mine is not so specific or visual. I had experienced symptoms for many years, maybe to some extent even for my whole life, but I think when my mother died in 2008 and other aspects of my life were also in serious crisis was when the FMS really started to blow out. I was diagnosed in 2009 in the US and ironically here in Australia, when I am finally relinquishing my avoidance of the FMS boogie man, I can't find adequate medical support.
    Thanks for putting it out there.

  2. Hi Displaced, thanks for connecting - yes where are all the Aussie fibro Bloggers? in denial, hiding their fibro? ...? I love your angry ranting blog and hope you can get more support - let me know how you go. My GP sent me for 10 free sessions with a pain specialist which was, after the initial settling in, quite useful. please keep in touch and keep blogging as we need a person like you on the blogosphere


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