What fibro sites I am visiting lately

In no particular order:

1. Aptly named The Practical Fibromite has lots of help for the chronically fatigued including handy hints for coping with Christmas and recipes that are quick and easy.

2. Gonna eat worms, who blogs nearly every day, The turgid, tortured tales of a middle-aged (if the average person lives to 99), somewhat disabled lesbian -- Sometimes amusing, sometimes whining, sometimes ranting, but ALWAYS thinking! What more can i say?

3. Checking out a male perspective at Fibromyalgia—Peter's Journey

4. The blog of a young Canadian woman in her late 20s struggling with chronic pain and invisible illnesses called Angst and Thanks. She has been diagnosed with chronic daily headache, migraine, bipolar (cyclothymic) and borderline personality disorders. The possibility of fibromyalgia is currently being investigated.

5. Then I check in to see how Fightin the Fibro is going with her day

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  1. Thanks for the plug mate! I love to get new visitors!



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