Perceptions of Fibromyalgia sufferers

Forty-one percent of the general public feel that people with fibromyalgia are courageous.
New Surveys Reveal Striking Differences Between Public Perceptions and Private Realities of People With Fibromyalgia
National findings suggest better understanding and support may empower people to seek help early for fibromyalgia symptoms. Read on...


  1. Great article, thanks! People think a lot more positively about fibro than I though.

  2. You are welcome. It took me ages before I would tell people I had fibro because of what I thought people perceived of the condition and the judgement they put on people who had it.

  3. Researchers believe they've come close to an explanation for fibromyalgia, a henceforth vague and often debilitating condition. Learn about the potential causes and alternative treatment methods to safely deal with the pain.

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