Should you take Vitamin D?

When I went to my new Rheumatologist the first thing she suggested was vitamin D tablets, even the brand. I live in sunny Sydney, Australia so I was a bit shocked.  You see, she said, Vitamin D deficiency is associated with muscle pain.

After checking with some reliable sources such as Cleveland Clinic I found that symptoms of vitamin D deficiency can include muscle weakness, pain, fatigue and depression. It is interesting that these are some of the main symptoms of fibromyalgia too. 

Dr. Ramakrishnan of Our Lady's Hospital in Ireland currently gives all his fibromyalgia patients vitamin D. He recently conducted a small study which showed only 15% of fibromyalgia patients had adequate levels of the vitamin.

This was a relatively small study, of only 36 people, and more studies are needed to see if early detection and replacement of vitamin D may help in the overall management of fibromyalgia.

But in the meantime is there any harm in taking the recommended dose of Vitamin D? No I don't think so especially if it may help reduce muscle pain. We all know any reduction in pain is a blessing.

Do you take this vitamin?

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  1. not taking it now, But soon I'll get to take it again.

    1. Rebecca did it help at all with muscle pain when you took it?

  2. Vitamins are very important and their intake must be sufficient. Vitamin D is important for our body.

  3. Petra4:33 PM

    Totally agree and thanks for the reminder I will start takingt it again

  4. Anonymous4:08 AM

    The sun is the best natural source of Vitamin D, but we can’t expose ourselves to the heat of sun all day long. There are vitamins and supplements that can be bought over the counter to supply our needs or deficiencies in Vitamin D. Always consult with your family doctor before taking anything, even though it’s just a vitamin supplement.

    -Yulanda Mccargo


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