Starting hydrotherapy for Fibromyalgia

hydrotherapy for Fibromyalgia
Last week I started hydrotherapy at the local hospital pool. Every doctor I have spoken to and many studies always say it will help reduce Fibromylagia symptoms. It is one of the Top Ten Tips for fibromyalgia.

The hydrotherapy class I attend is a combination of walking in warm water and gentle movements in water such as squats which are much easier to do in water than out of the water.

Studies done at the Universities in Spain and Portugal showed participants doing hydro experienced improvement in their fibromyalgia symptoms including:
(1) mobility
(2) self-care
(3) daily activities
(4) pain and discomfort and
(5) anxiety or depression.

So far I have only done 2 sessions, and I know these improvements need to be felt over the long term, but mostly it has all been the opposite to improvement (whatever that word is?)
I have felt less improvement in (1) (2) and (3) and more of (4). The only thing that may have improved is (5) because on one day a week I get out of the house to do something for myself and when in the water I actually feel good and positive. But the night time is when the problems start and the next day and night and then the next day and night too! The pain is so bad that it wakes me at night and I am taking extra painkillers. This is extra pain that I don't usually have. This is not good!

Do you think it will slowly settle down over the weeks and I will get these improvements mentioned in the study? Stay tuned for the next hydrotherapy update.


  1. I would hope so. We live 60 miles from the nearest public pool. I know when I do gentle exercises in warm water, I feel better. But I do tend to hurt more for a day or two. Have you tried sitting in the hot tub afterwards?

    1. No Rebecca but I'll give it a try, maybe with epsom salts. Thanks. Sorry you live so far from a pool so I should count myself lucky, huh?

  2. Hi Mate... I have been doing aqua aerobics (not full throttle) and have been three times... later that day I am totally wracked with pain - like a really bad day- it screws me up for the night and the next day and night are less bad but still worse than usual. I want to persevere but I'm not sure it is worth it... will there be a long term gain??? I bloody hope so!

    1. Exact same response as my stupid body!! I was talking to a physio today and she said to ease off alot. When we are in the warm water our joints etc feel good and we overdo it without knowing. She said to build up to doing the full thing like you would with running a marathon, Makesense.

  3. I have tried this many, many times with the same results as you. But I did it for 6 months before saying enough, this is NOT helping!!!!
    Yes, I tried a soak in a hot tub after. I tried changing my pain meds around. I tried heat and ice after. I stretched before and after.
    Seriously I dreaded going but wanted to give it a good try. The doctors made me feel like it was just me that had this type of response which is why I tried this more than once! Each time it lead to increased dosages of pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds, anti-spasm meds and the list goes on.
    Once upon a time I was ever so active. Still looking for something that helps!
    It's nice to know it's not just me!

    1. Hi joy, Good to hear from you but sorry you have had no success with Hydrotherapy for for chronic pain either. I am still trying to work out if there are any benefits and trying to go really slowly in the pool and not push myself in anyway. I find this hard as my nature is to try harder and this means i overdo things. This has been the hardest thing for me to learn with Fibro just to pace myself. Good luck to you and thanks for commenting here

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

    I was going to try water arobics but from the sounds of it i would be suffering after words. I've tried phy.therpay and about an hour later it feels like I've been hit by a truck. I'm just looking for some relife. I still work and my job is very physical. I just want a break from the pain. Taking all these meds aren't the answer.


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