Fibro news round up

Treating juvenile fibromyalgia By Jennifer Cerbasi
Published October 11, 2012 Fox News
Hassett AL, Epel E, Clauw DJ, Harris RE, Harte SE, Kairys A, Buyske S, Williams DA. RESEARCH paper published American Pain Society, 13th October, 2012. Source: Department of Anesthesiology, University of Michigan, USA.
By Adrienne Dellwo, Guide, October 15, 2012 Put above research into everyday language and explains what we can do about it. Thanks Adrienne.


  1. Petra4:34 PM

    I love how your site also puts things about fibro into everday language that I can understand.Thx

  2. Thank you Petra for your kind words. I am trying to make medical information accessible to the wider public and not just researchers, doctors or medical students. Happy you appreciated it.


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