Keeping my house clean when chronically ill

cleaning tips when sick and in pain
This morning I cleaned my house a bit: the bathroom and the kitchen.

I feel really happy and more organized and clear headed when my house is clean and organized.
Of course, with chronic pain and illness, this is something that I have had to lower my standards on, but there are things I can do to keep it generally clean and tidy.

How I keep my house clean when chronically ill

Here are the basic habits I try to maintain:

1. Take the rubbish out every day: this is the basic must do thing for me because if the bins are full then the house does not get tidied of rubbish.

2. Have a clean and clear sink: this is the basics in the kitchen because a cluttered sink prevents any more cleaning happening in the kitchen.

3.Make my bed in the morning. Sometimes I have to lie back down on it after I make it but it is great to know it is made.

4. Tidy up one area before I leave the house. It’s wonderful to come home to a place where you can sit and relax after you arrive home. Don't forget it could be just your favourite chair and side table.

5. Tidy a kitchen bench before I go to bed. Waking up to a dirty bench where you prepare coffee, tea or breakfast is stressful. Having a clean bench is wonderful start to the day.

6. Delegate. Get others in the house to put away their own stuff and occasionally have a 10 minute tidy up that everyone joins in. It makes it more fun and when 5 people participate that's a total of 50 minutes cleaning!

7. Sweep. Just sweep the main thoroughfare and the kitchen. Don't try and be perfect.  I have wooden floors and a giant mop that glides over the floor. I do this most days and do not worry about the corners. It's amazing how a clean floor can make the house look so tidy.

These are my lucky seven. Of course I would love to get more done but over time and with the help of a pain management specialist I have become more realistic.

Handy tips:

1. Pacing: I must pace myself or I suffer the next day so I break my tasks up into 10 minute chunks. I figure I can do most anything for 10 minutes and then I have to change the activity or set of muscles I am using. How about you? Can you do 15 minute tasks? Some people may only be able to do 5 and some days that is me but, hey at least I am getting something done.

2. Lowering expectations. We may have all had a spotless house once but our situation has changed. I try to have one room where visitors can go that is clean and tidy. If I am having a good week the front hall might be clean too!

3. Have a simple house. Having many ornaments means more things to clean and more guilt when we can't clean them. I have decluttered my house to the bare minimum so I can maintain it. Even that is an effort, but the rewards are great.

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Many thanks to Leo Babauta and FlyLady who have helped me over the years with cleaning ideas.


  1. Pacing is one thing that I do daily.

  2. I had to learn as I get pushing myself and falling down in a heap!

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    Thankyou for these wonderful tips!! I often feel overwhelmed by all that I need to do but am unable to do. I am going to try to take your advice starting this week! Have a blessed day!!

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