Fibromyalgia & weight gain

While weight gain, or the inability to lose weight, is not painful it is such a frustrating symptom in an already over flowing list of symptoms that make up Fibro. 

I personally struggle with this and have been searching for helpful information. These are some of the sites with interesting information about fibromyalgia and weight gain and their solution to this frustrating problem. I hope you find something that helps you.

Fibromyalgia and Weight Gain at Health Central. Lack of Sleep,
Neuroendocrine Abnormalities, Decreased Activity, Medication and Weight-loss Strategies. 

Weight Gain: Why It's a Problem With Fibromyalgia, and What to Do About It ProHealth.com by Mark J. Pellegrino, MD. Discusses Decreased Metabolism, Hypoglycemia [abnormally low blood sugar] and diet.

Fibromyalgia and Weight Gain at Fibromyalgia Symptoms - fatigue and diet and exercise.

See my more personal story on weight gain with Fibromyalgia and how it makes me feel here. 


  1. Suzie Q4:22 PM

    I find this the least able to control part of my fibro and will read your suggestions with interest. keep us updated on any successes you have losing weight, PLEASE

  2. Due to lack of mobility I gained weight and then was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. I hate Fibro for that. The Fibro I can just about deal with but the no carbing for the diabetes is soul destroying and bloody miserable. :0( xx


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