Gifts to give someone with chronic pain and what I want

Gifts for chronic pain
I have been looking far and wide (on the internet) for great gift ideas for people who have chronic illness and chronic pain.  The ones that I have found can help bring comfort and relief from the aches and strains associated with many different illnesses.

As someone with chronic illness myself I know that my number one gift to receive is a massage certificate especially from a practitioner who knows about myofascial release techniques which always help my tight painful muscles. 

I wanted to see what others were recommending so I have researched quite a few different recommendations which I have linked to here. These lists include pillows, heated foot spas, body pillows, aromatherapy oils and diffusers, nerve-stimulating machines, kitchen gadgets, vitamins, humidifiers, heated blankets, first aid kits, ice packs and heated seat covers: 

Many of these list suggestions are selling products on Amazon or elsewhere like relaxation CD's

or Adjustable Reading Portable Desk Helpers

I have made my own list which I hope you will find useful. They are in the infographic below. I am not selling anything in the list below as they are just the gift suggestions on my wish list.

6 most popular gifts for chronic illness


  1. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Wow, thanks for giving me so many great ideas! A lot of these are wonderful gifts even if you don't have a chronic illness. I'm definitely pinning this!

  2. Wow, what a thorough round-up, heaps of inspiration here & a good way to discover a few new blogs too! :)


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