Exercises for Fibromyalgia: The Complete Exercise Guide for Managing and Lessening Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Exercises for Fibromyalgia: The Complete Exercise Guide for Managing Fibromyalgia
Studies consistently show that exercise helps restore the body’s neurochemical balance, boosts energy, restores sleep, and overall improves the emotional state. 
As medical practitioners, we see both great results with exercise and, at times, aversion to it due to a negative prior experience and exacerbation of symptoms. 
It is this double-edged sword that patients and we as physicians face in using therapeutic exercise in the treatment of fibromyalgia. 
On the one hand, exercise is another form of exertion for someone who already has decreased endurance, fatigue, and disturbed sleep. 
For someone with fibromyalgia, to take on an exercise routine means overcoming the above barriers, only to face the next question: How do I exercise so that I get the benefits without getting the unwanted increase in fatigue and pain? What are the appropriate exercises and where do I start? Zinovy Meyler, D.O., Co-Director, Interventional Spine Program, Princeton Spine and Joint Center 
In Exercise for Fibromyalgia, rehabilitative specialist William Smith has created a book that details the theory of exercise with the clinical experience and empirical evidence, showing the science behind appropriate therapeutic exercise.  This book is a much needed road map in the maze that can be fibromyalgia.

The maze of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition, yet medical opinions are divided as to its cause and how it should be treated. Is it a neurological or a physical ailment? Should you treat the muscles or the mind? The correct answer is to treat both. Improving overall fitness while reducing anxiety and stress is the key to reducing your fibromyalgia symptoms and improving your daily functioning.

This book Exercises for Fibromyalgia is designed to improve your fitness and energy levels without strain or stiffness. With a focus on exercises designed to relieve pain and improve sleep for fibromyalgia sufferers, you will find yourself feeling better each day, as your strength increases and your soreness decreases.

Combined with effective techniques proven to relieve stress and improve your sleep habits, Exercises for Fibromyalgia makes sure your mind and body both benefit from a healthy lifestyle.

Exercises for Fibromyalgia also includes:

- An overview of living with fibromyalgia and the benefits of exercise
- Clear, informative pictures of safe, effective exercises
- Detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise
- A complete exercise approach to reduce stress and improve fitness
- A training log to track progress

Having fibromyalgia doesn’t mean having to give up exercise as this book can show you how safely.

If you are interested you can get more information here Exercises for Fibromyalgia: The Complete Exercise Guide for Managing and Lessening Fibromyalgia Symptoms

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